And so there goes our last spirit week

 I think that has to be the most fulfilling spirit week I have ever attended- it was my first and last time at Regent Rampage and goodness it was very nostalgic and there were infinite creys

 I can’t really go rambling deeply because I just cannot fathom my emotions for this- All my feelings spilled after the cheerleaders made their last beautiful mark, and after a whole lot of ginormous group hugs.
The whole week was also full of the most fun I have ever had in a Spirit week- Competition felt like a low priority for once, Idk if its because we were seniors but it still felt very nice. And goodness Regent Rampage really blew most of us away- I kind of want to see how we’re going to walk the graduation, we’d be bawling the entire time, all the time, if we were this emotional at the rampage.

 After Regent Rampage was the invasion of IHOP and that was pretty wonderful. I tagged along with Anna down there and it was pouring and we all got drenched as we ran across the darkened streets into the crowded IHOP. Whoever had the idea of cramming nearly the entire class of seniors into one restaurant is brilliant. It was heartwarming to see everyone in their booths, talking away like everyone’s a bro and it really pulled a heartstring because I felt like I really belonged there with them. People laughed, some were still emotional, it was just a great sight to see.

Memories of all four years flit by in a single night, and in the end I remember, that it is indeed one of the last times the class is going to be together.

 After this night I won’t forgive myself if I ever get sad about being lonely- I’ll just think of the memories of all of us, crowded in one place, united, and it would be a bliss memory. Something that probably won’t ever get old and still be vivid for years to come, no matter where I go or what happens.

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