Hello everyone! I want to do a really quick giveaway to thank all my followers for sticking with me for so long and also to bring attention to a really amazing community in the making, called ANIPAN. The deadline is in three days, MAY 20th, as to correspond to ANIPAN’s funding. Please reblog and support ANIPAN!

(the following information has been taken fron anipan’s Indiegogo campaign and tarahm’s dA journal)

What is Anipan?
Anipan is a new art community in the works which puts the focus on displaying your art beautifully, easily, and safely. !

anipan aims to:
put the emphasis back on presenting your artwork beautifully;
reduce copyright infringement of high resolution works;
make your artwork more accessible to a larger global audience;
and to revolutionize the sharing of your artwork with your friends and followers all around the web.

Currently, anipan is running a campaign on Indiegogo and there are 3 days left to help anipan reach its goal. We can reach our goal but we can’t do it without you! Deadline for contributions ends May 20th!!

How you can help!

Pledge to support us!
We’re offering some really cool perks for pledgers who choose to help fund us! Check them out! Some of the cool goodies you could get depending on your pledge: invitation to test anipan when it launches in alpha stage, anipan buttons, official anipan “backer” t-shirt, exclusive prints from famed artists, and even a trip to Japan! Wow! And everyone who pledges, little or big, is entered into a draw to win a batch of homemade cupcakes, baked specially for you by Megan (anipan’s co-creator).

Spread the word!
Sign up on Indiegogo, and tell people about anipan’s Indiegogo campaign by using your personal link to gain referrals! If you land in the top 3 for referrals, you can win a chance to become anipan’s lead mascot! More details about this on the Indiegogo campaign page.

Reblog in Kaze-hime’s tumblr contest!
Reblog this post to also win some artwork in Holly’s giveaway in honor of anipan! 8)

REBLOG THIS POST!! If you cannot donate, please spread the word to friends, family and your followers! <3

Reblog Guidelines:

- Likes and Reblogs count.
- You may reblog up to three times in its entirety!
- You do not need to follow me but this is a thank you for my followers!
- End date for this Giveaway is May 20th, 2012!
- Please have your ask box open or check back on May 21st to see the winner. You have a week to claim your prize before I pick out another name!

There will be two winners for this Tumblr Giveaway!

The prices are prints, buttons, and keychains (plastic and laminated).
Prints: All prints are signed on the back!
1. Small Poster Print of Marshall Lee
2. Large Print of My original character, Celyn
3. Small Print of Dave fro Homestuck
4. Medium Print of Karkat from Homestuck
Laminated Keychains
5. Pick three laminated keychains charms.
6. This is a fun one. Pick either my Karkat Homestuck button or have the choice of having me make another character from Homestuck into a button for you. Do you have an original character you want me to draw instead? I’ll make that a button for you! OR you can have the option of choosing a plastic keychain instead. These are smaller than your laminated keychains but thicker, more durable and are coated to be waterproof.
7. Lastly, pick ten designs from my button menu!

Good luck and Please support Anipan!

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