Hey guys! Here’s a step by step (really rough and basic) of how i usually approach a painting. Some of my friends have been asking me, so I thought i’d put it up as well! Hope this helps.

1) Drawing the line work is EXTREMELYimportant. Accurately measuring and checking it is what I usually do. This steps sometimes takes longer than the painting for me! If you have a solid line drawing describing the perspective, plane shifts, and proportions of an object, the rest are easier to paint!

2) then, by squinting your eyes, group the values into 3. Anymore than that might be slightly complicated.

3) I think landscape painting helped me the MOST with this.. but be really subtle with your values. It’s kind of like when you ask/when someone asks you out. The more subtle and smooth they are, the more you will feel inclined to give them more attention (;D). If you abruptly add a sudden shift of value (From black to white) the values might get jumbled and cause a weird disorganization. I think that’s what’s been going on with my paintings. I have a  really hard time subtly changing the colors/values.. So.. I think this is SUPER important.

4) When you are adding detail, please do not forget to follow basic forms of perspective. if you look at my light bulb, i failed at putting it into perspective. I was impatient with blocking it in, and messed it up… In the final step I was just like, ehhh whatevzzzz… and haha.. i didnt even finish this painting.. but.. I hope this helps!ye ye ye!

Another example are the thumbnails i Uploaded. i attached the finished paintings of those onto this post as well (the 2nd image).. they group a lot more successfully than the image that I just painted (which was my lamp). also, keeping the light direction, how strong the light is, etc etc is really important. In my case, the light was kind of weak.. kind of ambient.. but the surface of the light was highly reflective, causing it to catch light.. there is also a cast shadow coming from the printer.. soo many things to consider.. 

I hope i didnt confuse you guys more.. Another thing to remember are SHAPES! shape design is really important.. remember, we usually identify things first by their silhouette..!!! anyways.. thanks for reading! I hope you guys dont mind me posting my fast, quickies.. :(

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