I’m proud to present the launch of my webcomic, The Literate on a comic hub me and my friends have been working on for several months now: SSP-Comics! (Thanks guys!)

I’ll do my best to update in between school work and life, but yeah, it’ll be a fantasy comic with a bit of splice of life and adventure and maybe other things, it is part collection of stories after all!

Hope you’ll stick around for more, and do also check out the other comics my friends are working on~

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    Newest comic from the SSP-Comics team. Go check that stuff out yo.
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    Promotion for an awesome artist!
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    AAAAAA YOU GUYS check out my talented friends webcomic series that’s just started! QvQ
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    Yeah!! Check this out guys
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  13. taplaos said: loving your comic so far ;w;/ i’ll eager to read it when it updates c:
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